The first baby steps...

It's been a long hard slog of a few weeks. Since we launched Abodian Signs only a few weeks ago we've been thrilled with response. In fact it became quickly apparent that our poor little parent company Lou Brown Designs was becoming overshadowed by it's shiny new baby. So, we took the unanimous decision to spilt Abodian off and here she is on her very own website and brand and is standing on her own legs. 

Our lovely friend Michelle lent us her beautiful home for a photoshoot (Michelle also makes the most gorgeous silver jewellery by the and we hired the fabulous Bob Whetton for our photography

People have asked us if our photography is mocked, but no, they really do look this fab on the wall! 

Thank you so much to our first customers, we are thrilled with the response and delighted that you all love the signs so much.

We are going to use this blog for lots of things. I personally have a huge interest in interior decor so I'll be posting about projects in my own home and garden as well as updating on The Abodian Journey.

Thank you so much for your support,

Much love,